MD-11 Book signed by founder Martin Schröder + extra’s


This limited edition is signed by founder Martin Schröder. The book comes with a certificate of authenticity for the signature of Martin Schröder, an exclusive Martinair MD-11 photo and a 4G MD-11 USB stick with MD-11 fridge magnet.  
Only 40 signed books are available.

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Martinair was the last MD-11 operator in the Netherlands. In the summer of 2016 the long period of flying with (McDonnell-) Douglas tri-jets has come to an end. Martinair has carried passengers and cargo with its DC-10s and MD-11s. Many people will have good memories about these special aircraft. Many Martinair MD-11 and DC-10 memories, stories and pictures will be brought together in the book ‘Martinair MD-11 Aviation Legend – Martinair’s Tri-jets and Douglas history’. This book is the third book in a range that started with two KLM MD-11 books.

 The Martinair book is be published in the same quality and lay-out as the previous two books. With this third “red” book the true MD-11 fan will  make his MD-11 collection complete.